Jess Kielman


Jess Kielman

LifePath Coach
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"Jess is one of the least judgmental people I've ever known, and this rare quality allows me to share my deepest concerns and fears with her in a 'safe zone'. There have been many instances where the truths she brought to light made me cry, and then I was empowered to move past lifelong emotional blocks. I hold her skills as a counselor in the highest regard." - Mel Young

"Not only have Jess's readings been spot on involving my career, but she also offers common sense advice in regards to handling certain situations that might arise. Jess is not just a talented psychic, but a great life coach as well." - Paul Barsky

"I’ve played the CD of our sessions a few months later and found life happened exactly as Jess had predicted it might. It’s been an extremely helpful tool for my self-growth and has helped me implement some wonderful positive changes in my life." - Toby Finz

"Jess has helped me see many other connections with my relationships to the world and family with very down-to-earth explanations and examples. She is a teacher, and I would never hesitate to ask for her guidance." - Janet Wessling

"I have found Jess to be professional, insightful, thoughtful, and compassionate in her readings. On many occasions her readings have been quite accurate, and provided guidance in numerous situations. She has always been graciously available for follow up, as well as the occasional short notice scheduling. She is truly gifted in her area of expertise. - M. L., MD


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