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“Jess is one of the least judgmental people I’ve ever known, and this rare quality allows me to share my deepest concerns and fears with her in a ‘safe zone’. There have been many instances where the truths she brought to light made me cry, and then I was empowered to move past lifelong emotional blocks. I hold her skills as a counselor in the highest regard.”


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We all have a journey…

Accidental Journey is both a memoir and a handbook for anyone who has survived trauma of any kind, for their families and friends, as well as for EMTs, doctors, nurses, and care-givers of all kinds. This book is for anyone who must, for any reason, take on the impossible.  Gayle & Jess’ story is a source of emotional support; it will lead the reader through the ins and outs of basic topics such as insurance, wheelchairs, pain, and post-traumatic-stress.