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This is a psychic reading using cards. A full layout can cover a lot of ground and clear up a variety of concerns. At times, smaller layouts work better when you want to get quickly to the heart of relationships and life’s concerns. Tarot is a marvelous tool for looking at what the future may hold as well as revealing good strategies in order to help the positive to occur and diminish the challenges.

Feng Shui

This is the art of creating a more positive environment. Whether you are looking at your home, your yard, your office, Feng Shui is a powerful tool for change. Using the simple concept that what you see is what you get, Jess and Gayle will help you manifest your hopes, dreams, and plans with simple changes in your environment. They are very adept at space clearing as well. Feng Shui can be done on premise or off premise through drawing, photos, and videos.

Handwriting Analysis

This is the study of characteristics based on handwriting. Whether you are looking at yourself, your family, or your business relationships, having Jess assess their level of sincerity, honesty, drive, etc. from a sample of their writing can be a valuable tool.


This is the study of numbers and the vibratory qualities they show regarding character, strengths, weaknesses, dreams; and more. By examining the numbers in your name, your birthdate, name changes, and timing, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself as well as a sense of when certain things may happen in your life.


A great deal of information regarding love, career, health, the future, and the soul’s urge can be derived from your birth date, place, and time. Natal charts shed important light on the dynamics between partners, children, and co-workers. If you know the date a business started, there is much to be learned about its potential and its timing.

Astro cartography

This is a wonderful tool to see where in the world you might want to live or visit. By placing a person’s natal planets over the world, you can see where you would do well career-wise, where you would feel strong physically, where you might best be able to find mental stimulation. This is a powerful tool for children heading off to school, re-locating, even finding the right vacation spot.

"Not only have Jess's readings been spot on involving my career, but she also offers common sense advice in regards to handling certain situations that might arise. Jess is not just a talented psychic, but a great life coach as well."

– Paul B.

"I’ve played the CD of our sessions a few months later and found life happened exactly as Jess had predicted it might. It’s been an extremely helpful tool for my self-growth and has helped me implement some wonderful positive changes in my life."

– T. F.

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